News Flash! ComplexHR become Patrons of Bolton Lads and Girls Club!

The Helens

The Helens

The Helens are extremely excited to become Patrons of Bolton Lads and Girls Club. We first visited this fantastic charity in 2019 to discover more about the support they provide to vulnerable, young people across Bolton.

The Club provides a safe haven for young people 7 days and nights a week, 51 weeks a year. They provide sports provisions (the Club has over 25 football teams), arts and music groups, dance, drama and many other activities for young people to become involved in.

The Club also provides support to some of Bolton’s most vulnerable and complex children and families through a number of programmes including those that tackle unemployment, homelessness and mental health challenges.

If you would like to learn more about the work Bolton Lads and Girls Club do, please visit their website

We’ll be providing updates on our involvement with this amazing charity – and most likely some ridiculous nonsense we record in the car on the way to visit them.

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