• Helen Manson

Trying to Manage Absence Issues?

Is managing sickness absence one of the less desirable aspects of your role? It doesn’t have to be.

Managing an employee's poor sickness should be tackled quickly and be relatively pain free, both for the manager and the employee.

An Absence Management Policy is essential because:

  • It will ensure employees are treated fairly and consistently;

  • Your managers will understand what process they should follow

If you have concerns with an employee's intermittent absence: 1. Meet with the employee and identify why they have intermittent absence

Consider whether they may have a disability under the Equality Act 2010. If you're unsure, consider obtaining a medical report from their GP or independent consultant. 2. Are they aware of the impact their sickness is having on the team? 3. Identify clear objectives in order to improve and write these down

4. If their sickness doesn't improve Is it appropriate to request they attend a disciplinary hearing? Make sure you have all the relevant documentation in order before initiating proceedings, and be prepared to show the employee the evidence.

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