• Helen Manson

Want to get your house in order for 2018?

Complex HR can assist in ensuring maximum productivity from your most valuable asset.

Have you been avoiding implementing a re-structure despite knowing it's the right thing for your business? Complex HR appreciate the difficulties in implementing change and have extensive experience in managing re-structures in a robust, fair and consistent manner.

For businesses with fewer than 20 employees, the following points should be considered prior to implementing a re-structure:

  • ​If applicable, consider alternatives to redundancy e.g. implement a recruitment freeze, offer flexible working, change employment contracts;

  • Put together a comprehensive process plan that covers all legal requirements including time frames and notice periods;

  • Put together a fair, robust and transparent selection criteria for selecting those staff who may be At Risk of redundancy;

  • Carry out meaningful consultation meetings with staff to ensure they understand the process and why it is happening;

  • Allow staff to appeal against their selection for redundancy.

It's important to remember redundancy is meant to help improve the efficiency of your business. You'll need to plan how your business will operate when redundant staff leave and communicate your vision for the future of the business to the staff who will be staying.

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