• Helen Manson

Are you tied into a contract with an ineffective HR Consultancy?

If they're confident in their product, no HR consultancy should feel the need to tie clients into an inflexible contract, especially when they're unhappy with the service they're receiving.

Complex HR don't feel the need to ask any of our clients to sign lengthy contracts because we know the quality of our service provides them with the confidence to stay.

Also, our rates are far more competitive than larger consultancies because we can tailor our service to suit the exact size and requirements of each business.

One size most definitely does not fit all.

What else makes us more attractive to smaller practices?

1. We invest in understanding the specific workings of each client

We visit each client at least once a month to get to know the key stakeholders and their specific role in the business. It's far more personable and we become an extension of the business. 2. Our clients know exactly who they're communicating with and receive consistent, accurate and efficient advice EVERY time.

Our clients have direct access to the 2 business owners. The accountability of this arrangement means our clients only ever receive the best service available to them. 3. Complex HR only work with legal and accountancy practices Our unique offering supports the need to fully understand and appreciate the complex regulatory environment in which our clients run their businesses.

Call us today for a confidential discussion about how we can assist you in improving the management of your business.

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