• Helen Manson

A flurry of snow and the country is at standstill...are your employees too?

You may not have considered having a Travel Disruption or a Severe Weather Policy. But it's on days like this, when the majority of the country has been hit by snow, that you probably wish you had.

Having a policy makes managing the situation a whole lot easier, and fairer. It should cover the steps employees are required to take to try to get into work on time. You need to decide how to deal with lateness and non attendance and what will happen with regard to pay.

Things to consider:-

Be Consistant

By having a clear written policy it will enable managers to deal with issues that arise more fairly.

Be Flexible

This could be your opportunity to enhance morale and productivity e.g is there an opportunity to work from home? Consider alternative work patterns.... Include the steps you will take in considering whether this is possible.

Be Clear

Employees are not automatically entitled to pay if they are unable to get to work because of travel disruption. You may wish to consider discretionary payments but be mindful of being fair and consistent to all staff. An alternative too unpaid leave is to allow staff to take annual leave at short notice.

If you would like further advice or a Travel disruption policy, please do get in touch with us at ComplexHR.

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