• Helen Manson

Tribunal system in meltdown after a (predictable?) increase in claims

Since Tribunal Fees were abolished in November 2017, tribunal claims have reported to have doubled.

Perhaps more worryingly, it will take an increase of 200% to return to pre-2013 levels, a figure some argue is assumed.

Unfortunately, the cuts made following the introduction of fees in 2013 have meant there aren't the resources to administer the (predictable?) increase in claims. This has resulted in delays of up to 18mts for some claims to be heard.

During the period of tribunal fees, claims of sex discrimination fell by 85% whilst claims across the board fell be 65%. Small claims virtually disappeared altogether as it wasn't economical to run them. As the number of claims fell, so did the staffing requirement, resulting in a significantly reduced workforce.

Unfortunately, it appears steps weren't taken to address the resourcing issue prior to November 2017, resulting in a significant (predictable?) labour shortage and consequent delays.

It would appear the Government have perhaps failed to follow The 5 Ps on this one - altogether now - 'Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance'.

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