• Helen Manson

Does Cost Truly Equal Quality?

I've always believed cost = quality.

Recently, I've enjoyed parading my Montblanc pen around at meetings whilst my business partner scratched around in her bag for whatever pen she's 'borrowed' from the previous client's office (anything is better than the pink, plastic 'novelty' pen she picked up from a school fair).

Unfortunately, this particular indulgence was short lived as I recently watched said pen roll gently off the kitchen table, fall gently onto the soft-ish kitchen floor and SMASH into two pieces.

Well, I'll just take it back to the shop and get a replacement, I thought. Simple. Or so I assumed.

"Sorry, did I hear you correctly?" I asked the sales 'assistant'. "I need to send it off to get a quote in order to have it repaired?!". My business partner, in the meantime, was found swinging her pink, plastic novelty pen around with gay abandon.

"The pen cost £250 and I've had it for less than 3 months, I would expect to be able to drop it and, quite frankly for the price, stamp on it and not break it" I stated. In response I received the following, unhelpful and slightly odd, anecdote:

'If you had a Mercedes and drove it into a wall, you would do the same damage as you would if you had a cheaper car'.

Huh? That doesn't make any sense at all. A bic biro wouldn't have collapsed into pieces following a small jump from a kitchen table. Infact, 20p bic biros don't break at all (incidentely, neither do pink, plastic novelty pens from school fairs).

And so, from this expensive, rather frustrating experience, I've learnt cost really DOESN'T equal quality.

The same principle relates to our business. We set our prices according to headcount. The quality of our service is the same exceptional standard regardless of the fees being paid by our clients.

Equally, clients who have previously chosen to work with more expensive consultants because, well, they were more expensive, have also since learnt that cost truly doesn't equal quality.

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