• Helen Manson

Is your business ready for the World Cup?

Our family certainly is. It's not even started and my 7 years old daughter has asked to stay up late to watch the matches and my son has bankrupted us with his World Cup sticker album.

The chart is on the wall (creating yet more irritating blue tac marks) and the sweep stake has been generated (divorce lawyers have been instructed).

What I'll be paying most attention to though are the excuses being made when certain (smaller) members of my brood are insisting they're 'too ill' to go to school on the days when their teams just so happen to be playing.

So employers be warned, your staff may not be 7yrs old, but they may well pull some of the same tricks!

ComplexHR's top tips during the World Cup:-

Send an email to all staff

  • attach your Leave Policy;

  • remind them any holiday requests will be approved on a ‘first come first served’ basis and need to be booked in advance

You aren't obliged to accept all holiday requests, especially if there is a business reason to decline it.

  • remind staffof their contracted hours of work - this should reduce the risk of lateness and unauthorised absences – thus minimising the risk of disciplinary action.

Provide a TV in a common area

For big games, you may want to consider providing a TV at work for employees to watch. This will:

  • reduce the risk of employees watching games at their desk when they should be working;

  • provide some measure of control over the amount of time spent away from work; and

  • promote much needed camaraderie among work colleagues.

Remind employees of your IT and Social Media Policy - streaming live football games at work stations should not be permitted.

Remind employees of your Code of Conduct

Some matches can incite rivalry between workers, and if related to their own country of upbringing could give rise to grievances and discrimination claims. Remind employees any such behaviour will not be tolerated and may lead to dismissal.

Regardless of the problems they can cause, remember events such as the World Cup can also act as a morale boost in business. Come on England!

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