• Helen Manson

Need to simplify things? No more Annual Appraisals. How simple is that?

This image is about as relevant to this post as annual appraisals are to assessing an employee's performance.

Annual Appraisals are outdated and ineffective and fail in supporting the requirements of the SRA's Statement of Competence.

They're often undertaken once a year without any formal follow up or continuous feedback on objectives and development doesn't happen.

It's time to get rid of them.

ComplexHR advocates a system of continuous feedback rather than an annual appraisal process. Continuous feedback ensures effective performance management and builds a culture where high performance is central to the success of the business.

Restricting performance feedback to an annual meeting is both ineffective and counterproductive. Managers are often required to refer to examples that occurred months in the past and have little relevance or impact on the employees’ current performance. Conversations such as these can leave Managers feeling exposed and employees feeling demotivated.

In other words, annual appraisals hold people accountable for past behaviour at the expense of improving current performance and developing and retaining talent, both of which are critical for a firm’s long-term success.

Ongoing feedback results in timely corrections in behaviours, better employee/supervisor relationships and improved ongoing development.

Statement of Competence

The annual appraisal does not assist solicitors in meeting the requirements of the SRA's Statement of Competence.

ComplexHR is working with a number of law firms on a performance evaluation process that is continuous, effective and most importantly for many managers, quick and easy. It has also been designed to assist solicitors in meeting the requirements of the SRA's statement of competence.

The costs of designing and implementing this are not as expensive as you may think. Get in touch with us at for a quote.

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