• Helen Manson

Sunshine + beautiful weather = happy people?

At ComplexHR we are loving this puts a spring in our step. I say we, 'The Other Helen', is cooped up inside like a vampire shielding herself from the sun and is regularly seen taking a rather generous dose of Piriton, whilst Monty the Office Dog is laid flat out on the office floor motionless.

Employees may struggle with this wonderfully warm weather so here are some top tips for dealing with this:-

1. There is no maximum workplace temperature

Health and Safety Regulations simply require workplace temperatures to be “reasonable”.

2. Relaxing the dress code can have a positive effect

Most of our clients have a formal dress code. However, wearing suits or formal clothing can be uncomfortable over the summer months, especially if staff commute on public transport.

You may not wish to go as far as permitting Bermuda shorts but having a relaxed dress code will help staff feel more comfortable in the office.

3. Deal with staff grumbles

Steps can be taken to address any grumbles, about how hot staff are or if they are too cold due to the air con, before they result in formal grievances. Consider using portable desk fans or moving employees away from air conditioning units.

4. Address any legal obligations

Employers may also be under a legal obligation to make workplace adjustments where a disabled employee has a medical condition which makes them feel the heat more.

5. Recognise the heat

Employees may feel less engaged when it’s nice weather outside (and Wimbledon is on - did someone mention Pimms and Strawberries?). This may lead to employees pulling a sickie to embrace the warm weather while it lasts.

Taking simple steps, to show you value and appreciate your employees during hot weather will help motivate employees and reduce absenteeism. Consider providing ice lollies or cold drinks ....

The good weather is set to last so follow the above steps and enjoy the sunshine!

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