• Helen Manson

Would you leave your house un-insured?

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

No? Then why would you leave your business un-insured?

We never cease to be amazed at how many small to medium sized businesses choose to 'opt out' of what we consider to be insurance against costly - potentially devastating - tribunal claims.

Did you know last year alone a single payout of £1,744,576 was made for a case for unfair dismissal? Not discrimination - where the cap is unlimited - but unfair dismissal.

In addition, the award for both unfair dismissal and constructive dismissal has increased to £83,682 (or 52 weeks Gross Salary - whichever is lower) plus a Statutory Award of £15,240.

That's an awful lot of money, especially for an SME.

With the abolition of tribunal fees, individuals are once again in a position to submit claims against their employer at minimal - if any - cost, exposing businesses to the risk of hefty fines if matters aren't dealt with correctly.

At ComplexHR, we understand the extreme pressures business owners face when running a successful enterprise. That's why we provide our clients with water-tight contracts, policies, procedures and advice relating to all staff management matters ranging from basic absence issues to highly complex claims of discrimination.

Our clients sleep well at night - do you?

Contact us for a free consultation to discuss how we can protect your business.

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