• Helen Manson

"There must be some kind of way out of here," - Jimi Hendrix

Jimi isn't the only one to have uttered these words. We hear them all the time from businesses who find themselves tied into hopelessly lengthy contracts with often large, inadequate, ineffective and unreliable HR providers.

Like many before them, when faced with an urgent HR need, they turned to Google and opted for the first option that popped into their feed. Having been blinded with bright lights and shiny sales pitches, they signed eagerly on the dotted line, relieved someone else would be 'managing that side of things', only to soon be disappointed, frustrated and ultimately, significantly out of pocket.

The issue these businesses quickly realise is that once their signature is on the contract, they're handed over to what is effectively a call centre, full of inexperienced individuals answering phones and running through flow charts of questions that all lead to the lowest risk, highest cost and least effective solution.

ComplexHR offers a very different solution for clients. Our initial priority is to get to know your business. We invest a great deal of time at the beginning of any relationship, analysing your current business structure, meeting key stake holders and understanding your plans for the future.

We then focus on the most effective way to manage your people in the best interest of your business. This doesn't always mean taking the lowest risk, but our 24yrs experience in the professional service sector means we have the knowledge and experience to navigate through issues that other providers would just 'opt out' of - usually at an eye watering cost to the client.

And our clients receive all of of this for a fraction of the monthly fees charged by the 'HR Call Centres' and, most importantly, we don't tie our clients in to lengthy contracts.

So when the need arises - because it will - put into your search engine. Our existing clients are extremely glad they did.

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