Annual Appraisals – RIP

The Helens

The Helens

At ComplexHR, we’ve been saying it for years. Infact, we’ve been saying it to all our clients since we started our business 5 years ago.

Annual Appraisals should be put out to pasture. Or at least be given a comfy pair of slippers and a good (long) book to read.

If there’s ever been a time to focus on how we can adapt our skills to ensure optimum performance, it’s now. And that’s what continual performance evaluation helps to achieve.

ComplexHR provide clients with a tailored Performance Evaluation Process (“PEP”) which enables them to check-in with their employees on a regular basis. These catch ups take no longer than 10 minutes and ensure objectives are on track and adjustments are made where needed.

Like anything*, it’s really quite straight forward if you have the right tools. Which our clients have.

Our PEP ensures employees are being challenged, meeting realistic targets and progressing in their career and managers are confident in the ability of their staff. Win-win.

If you’d like to find out more about our PEP, please give us a call or email us

*absolutely not applicable to any form of flat pack furniture. Or baking flap jack.

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