Need HR support but can’t justify the cost? Meet The Helens…

The Helens

The Helens

We really know our stuff but we’re also personable and Helen Manson (aka The Grumpy One) can make even the driest of HR matters sound like an episode of Have I Got News For You.

But MORE IMPORTANTLY our costs are considerably lower than recruiting an internal HR professional and drastically lower than hiring an employment lawyer (where costs can be up to 8 x more expensive than using ComplexHR for a comparable service).

ComplexHR v Internal HR Provision

A junior FT HR Advisor can cost approx £30k (excl. tax/NI etc). Even then, for more complex matters, you would inevitably require additional senior HR assistance.

A retained package with ComplexHR for a business with approximately 15 employees, will cost you £295 (plus vat) pcm.

It’s OK – we’ll do the maths for you – that’s £3,540 (plus vat) p/a – that’s £26,460 LESS than hiring a more Junior resource.

Sound too good to be true? It really isn’t. It’s just how we work.

What makes us different?

– No lengthy contractual tie in

– Our advice is tailored to suit the commercial needs of each client

– We’re not a call centre ( – you all know who we’re talking about…)

We don’t push complicated, over-manufactured technology on you – we like to focus on the ‘human’ as aspect of Human Resources.

In our experience (and we have more years than either of us care to count – although it’s worth mentioning that one of us is SIGNIFICANTLY younger than the other one) nothing is more effective than face to face communication when managing people. We keep this value at the heart of everything we do.

If you’d like to meet ‘The Helens’ for a free no obligation chat, email us at

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